LS10 Livestock Trailers

    LS10A   LS10B




3050mm Long

1500mm Wide


3050mm Long

1650mm Wide

Internal Height   1830mm   1840mm
Rear Access   Ramp with Aluminium Grip Panels. Spring assisted Ramp   Ramp with Aluminium Grip Panels. Spring assisted Ramp
Loading Gates   Aluminium Loading gates   Aluminium Loading gates
Floor Aluminium Non slip Checker Plate Floor in one sheet with a 63mm turn up each side
Undercarriage Solid Beam Axle on Parabolic Springs
Wheels 175 R16 or 650 x 16 x 10 Ply Wheels, Breaking on four wheels
Coupling Bradley Doublelock coupling & Jockey Wheel
Ventilation Full opening drop down front flap for easier towing
Side Door Full height side door
Panel Finish Aluminium Profiled Panels
Frame Galvanised dipped steel framework
Security Unique Chassis engraved serial number & Vin Number


  • Award Winning Easy Load Sheep Decks
  • Divide Gates (Sheep or Cattle)
  • 7' High model for Horses
  • Partition for Horses
  • Waste Tank